The Ducks

We purchased a group of ducklings in the Fall of 2010 to keep Moe, a rescued duck, company (she needed some peeps her own size). And omigoodness, ducks are such FUN!

Moe "She's the Queen!", a crested Khaki Campbell duck. Check that Lyle Lovett/Don King 'do on her head. That's her tiara. That's why she's the Queen. She was rescued with "Purdy" Gertie the Pilgrim goose from an owner who could no longer care for them both. Moe's first preference is to hang out with Gertie, but more and more she's hanging out with those more her own size, namely...

Her Royal Subjects: all Khaki Campbells, raised from day-old ducklings. One of them is vision-impaired, but she successfully navigates the property just fine. They are so much fun to watch, but fair warning if their cuteness tempts you: they are very, VERY messy birds. They keep themselves quite clean, but any water around will be soiled by either dirt or poo very quickly. Grassy areas will be turned into mudpits before you can blink your eyes. Not recommended for white-glove control freaks. You have been warned.