One of these things is not like the other...

Spouse came singing this tune, waking me up out of a nauseous, fitful slumber*. "Take a look at what I found!"

See the pastel colored egg in the carton? Our Ameraucanas are starting to lay! And holy crap, their first egg is HUGE compared to The Frau's first efforts. [Doesn't matter; ALWAYS respect The Frau.]

Earlier that day when I bent over to pick up Red and she responded for the first time with the "uh, are you a rooster?" crouch, I predicted to Spouse that the birds would start laying within a few weeks. Little did I know that they were way ahead of me...

[*caught some sort of 24-hour virus: nausea, dry heaving, light-headedness, massive headache. Bleargh. Better now!]

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