Video: Nutmeg growls "back off, I'm layin' eggs here!"

I had never, EVER, heard a chicken growl before. Thankfully, Spouse had recently been gifted a second-hand camera that takes short videos, and he got a short take of Nutmeg telling us to back the h*ll off while she was trying to lay an egg. The first noise you hear is actually one of the geese, but the growling... that's all Nutmeg, our little Cubalaya chicken-dog:

She does this every time we go near the coop when she's trying to lay. I love that little firecracker!


  1. Wait 'til she goes broody.....she'll eat your hand off.

  2. Whoa! That was definitely a growl.

  3. @farm mom - I see a pair of thick leather gloves in my future.

  4. lol...
    okay, that is seriously an unexpected hen noise!