Peppered Goose Egg: FAIL

Sh*thead #2, aka "Maggie", has developed a bad habit of sneaking into the goose laying areas and stealing their eggs. I thought I could break that habit by cayenne peppering an egg. Maggie thought it was a delicious flavoring agent.

I guess if the dogs think two-week old rotting skunk carcass is tasty, a little cayenne pepper won't phase them in the least.

[Pic left: failed experiment. Pic right: Maggie's yawning reaction to my experiment.]


  1. Ah, that little nudnick! When we had egg-eating dogs, we used to blow out an egg or two and fill them completely with cayenne pepper, putting a tiny piece of tape over the holes. One bite and a mouthful of pepper, dog pawing at mouth.

    Take all the other eggs away and leave the cayenne eggs in the nest (put an X on them so you don't sell them at the farmstand by accident). It did the trick for us.

  2. @Chance - that is BRILLIANT!! I'll start blowing out some eggs today!

  3. In one of Faulkner's novels, I believe, the lowest of the low was to be called an egg-suck dog.

    I will leave that to you to decide, of course; you might not have eggs though if she continues her habit...