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Barbells & B*tching is my (currently) much-neglected exercise blog. Below may shed some light on why...
Revamping Joe's Goals

I had been using Joe's Goals before all the farm critters came along. Now, some of the goals look a little silly:

  • Get up early as a goal? Sheeeyit... it's not even an option anymore.
  • Exercise? Walking at least twice a day, with two pups who become furry, forty-pound magnetic tether balls that roll around and bounce and entangle. You should see my delts now!
  • Bag lunch? Begging your pardon, but I'm too damn tired at lunch to go out. Sometimes there's only enough energy to drop my face into the fruit bowl on the counter.
Time to re-arrange the goals.
It's been too hot to take the pups running, and I don't have the time to hit the gym. Regardless of these challenges, I think I'll be okay.


  1. jan@circlesafety.comJuly 12, 2008 at 12:20 PM

    I really enjoy reading your farm musings. Makes me smile and think of my own farm gang.

  2. @jan: Thanks love - you and Karen are an inspiration to us!