Why eBay Should Be Classified as a Narcotic

Sweet Jeebus, keep me away from eBay, okay? Something happens to my brain when I start bidding. Common sense shuts down, feelings of fierce competition arise, and I will up, up, up the bidding until I am in the lead, dammit!

I now have bids on four, count'em, FOUR feedsacks. Why feedsacks? Because I saw some cool purses made from feedsacks on Etsy, and thought "hey, I can make that, no sweat!". It would have been cheaper just to buy the damn purse outright. All I can do now is hope that others with even less self control than I will beat my bids. Not that the bids were hugely expensive, just that all four combined will cost more than buying the original inspiration. Plus, I simply don't need FOUR feedsacks.

I'm an idiot sometimes. I truly am. May I be saved from myself.


  1. You're not alone... I have trouble with almost any fabric on ebay - I even go crazy for things I wouldn't normally want, and yet I keep bidding and bidding and bidding!

  2. ::snort:: Oh, I think we can come up with uses for four feedsacks. Those bags *were* awfully cute! If it makes you feel better, we bought *five* vintage tablecloths yesterday...the idea is that we'll make aprons with them. Five. Do we need five? No...Want an apron? I'm sure we'd each love a bag ;)

  3. @karen, whenever you two can get out here, I'd love if it could be during a Market Days weekend (first weekend of the month). There's this one vendor who has at least five long buffet tables filled with nothing but old linens - many with tatwork or embroidery - all jumbled together. Pillow cases, napkins, tablecloths, you name it. Thankfully when I saw it, we were with others, so there was no time to dig in. My wallet was grateful.

  4. @karen: if I win more than one feedsack, I'll take you up on that swap offer!