Which Smells the Worst?

Alrighty, pop quiz: which smells the worst?
  1. chicken feces
  2. goose feces
  3. peafowl feces
  4. dogs who've been rolling in carrion

e. whichever is plastered all over you at the moment.

Last night was peafowl feces. We moved the girls out of quarantine, as after five days there were no signs of obvious diseases, coughs, sneezes or feather loss. They weren't going voluntarily from the larger quarantine quarters into the smaller carrying cage we'd positioned at the quarantine door, so I had to crawl into the quarantine quarters and herd them out while Spouse held the carrying cage. By the time they had been scooted out, my jeans, arms & hands had managed to squish into every fresh pile of poo that was available on the straw bedding. Peafowl poo alot when they're concerned, it seems.

The Muses are now housed in a brand-spankin' new 10'x10'x6' chain-link kennel. Once they've been in there a few weeks and have acclimated to our property and its rhythms, they'll be released into the general population. Then the kennel will be used to corral the (currently stinky) dogs and keep them out of the way whenever we have contractors or the propane delivery guy on the site.

The girls settled in well. Personally, I had to wash my hands before taking a shower afterward.

[pic: one of the girls... Euterpe?]


  1. she looks very plushy and shiny, not all ruffled like in the earlier pics of them.

  2. @virgotex: the girls are doing really well. They've got good appetites, and they're getting used to me coming around.

    @John: hmm, haven't tussled in pig feces, so can't offer an opinion at this time :-)


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