The New Era

Now that the apocalyptic fantasies for 12/21 have passed with nary a whisper, let us get to work on the serious issues that face us, instead of hoping for some event to destroy or re-create our world anew, allowing us to avoid responsibility.

My wishes for the New Era:
  • Humane treatment, healthy living spaces and nutritious food for all animals, especially those we raise for our consumption or companionship. 
  • Healthy means of raising crops that give back to the soil & community as much as the end product fills our bellies. May that food be nutritious and safe as well, and enough for all.
  • Healthy planet - we clean up our messes, and stop making new ones. 
  • Healthy relationships - learn to listen twice as much as we speak, and remember respect goes both ways. 

In short, let the New Era bring health for all beings, all interactions, and for the planet itself.

Stepping off my soapbox for now... here's things I've shared or found in other venues:

Beautiful poem by Morpheus Ravenna Faith in the Incandescent Sun - "Solstice Night".

Photo of Glass Gem corn, courtesy of Mother Earth Newsvia Twitter: Gorgeous! '@MotherEarthNews: A stunningly beautiful corn variety..."Carl's Glass Gem" goo.gl/WioYZ' a rare Cherokee corn

Speaking of food: I'm not a huge fan of lentils, but this lentil stew recipe is amazing. I substituted the root veggies called for in the recipe with what I had on hand, and also substituted sausage for the bacon (again, what I had on hand). I could see this being made as a vegetarian dish as well. The extra olive oil & balsamic vinegar added at the end makes the dish outstanding.

Sleeping all tucked into their backs, the geese look like becalmed ships in a harbor:

via Twitter: Just watched Lucky, rooster #1, chase off Baron, rooster #2 from romancing one of the hens. Now THAT is "c*ck blocking".

And speaking of Lucky, think he's trying to find something in his back pocket in this pic.

May the season, and whatever holidays you might celebrate, bring you happiness, peace & well-being.



"HUUUMAAAAN!!!" She was just as startled as I.

I was in the process of cleaning out the goose pond. I was reaching in to reposition the pumps, as she was trying to make her way out. We met eyeball to eyeball, faces just inches from each other. She dove back into the pond as I jerked backwards, almost landing on my @ss.

If she's hanging out in the pond, I'm guessing the bulge in her belly is one of the regular frogs - especially since I only counted two frogs during cleanup this time, where there's usually three. Mmm, frog.

She finally made her way out.

The geese watched the progress, entirely unamused. The geese are never amused when it comes to snakes.

The snake found a safe hidey-hole under the pond structure, where I imagine she'll wait until the geese leave.

Smart snake. 

[Question from Twitter: what kind of snake is this? Checking field guides, it's probably a Checkered Garter Snake]

Of Mice and Various Snakes and new Duck Feed Station

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