"HUUUMAAAAN!!!" She was just as startled as I.

I was in the process of cleaning out the goose pond. I was reaching in to reposition the pumps, as she was trying to make her way out. We met eyeball to eyeball, faces just inches from each other. She dove back into the pond as I jerked backwards, almost landing on my @ss.

If she's hanging out in the pond, I'm guessing the bulge in her belly is one of the regular frogs - especially since I only counted two frogs during cleanup this time, where there's usually three. Mmm, frog.

She finally made her way out.

The geese watched the progress, entirely unamused. The geese are never amused when it comes to snakes.

The snake found a safe hidey-hole under the pond structure, where I imagine she'll wait until the geese leave.

Smart snake. 

[Question from Twitter: what kind of snake is this? Checking field guides, it's probably a Checkered Garter Snake]


  1. EEEK! What a surprise! I think I would have passed out.....

  2. Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

    I'm a total wuss when it comes to snakes. Just call me Eve. I'd have done just what you did... scream and retreat. At least you got really good photos! :)


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