Shared on Twitter Lately (Late November Issue)

Spouse and I took the month of November by storm, cleaning up the house & property and getting projects wrapped up with an energy akin to two toddlers slamming down a 64-ounce Big Gulp container of Mountain Dew. Unfortunately, the blogging suffers when I'm busy, so here's some recent stuff I shared on Twitter:

* BwaHAHAHA!! Our Cubalaya pecking-order enforcers may have inspired this image:

* "Sometimes you get applause for not being dead." George Carlin interviewed by a young Jon Stewart:

* While cleaning one of the waterfowl wading pools, slipped on some duck crap & landed on my ass. "Slicker than goose shit" has a competitor… 

[404 - pic not found. *ahem*]

 * "Oh, hai!"

got the vain rooster right here...
here's a better view of Baron's colors…

* Opened up the first rehabb'd patch of rye-grass "pasture" for the geese, ducks & chickens. Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comment:

  1. You did the Duck Crap Shuffle...all the kids are doing it nowadays! Hopefully your ass ain't broke!


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