Feast Day at the Farm

As mentioned before, now that the outside employment contract has ended, I have more time to continue regular farm projects. One of those is grocery shopping at reasonable hours, especially during the time the city co-op puts out their free bags of organic produce trimmings for public usage. The trimmings are ostensibly for one's compost pile, but I've often found that much of it is of excellent quality for our birds, and some even for our own soups & salads!

I brought home two bags of trimmings yesterday. Distributed the lettuces & fruits amongst the menagerie, then put the remainder into two shallow cement-mixing pans for continued noshing. This time, I remembered to snap a few photos during the feasting. They're not the best pics (some are shot through the screen windows, most are in shade or in starkly contrasting light), but I hope they give you a smile...

Queen Moe.

Madame Molly

One of the drakes.

Goose says "MINE!"

Billy Bob and the ladies. 

1 comment:

  1. "Goose says 'MINE'..." ah, this one is dear to my heart. Those cast off greens look good enough to eat. I'll bring the bread!


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