Wildflower Season Forever!

It's been the longest wildflower season I've seen in the whoppin' three years I've lived here. Salvias, verbenas, daisies of all sorts - they've been nurtured by the cooler temps and extra rain we've had in South Central Texas.

Our lawn-slash-pasture was decimated last year by the Summer drought and a hard-freezing Winter. There really wasn't much left but a few straggling weeds. I had plans to reseed with a pasture Bermuda (forage greens for the geese & chickens), plus native grass on the edges, but lo and behold: Wildflowers started popping up in profusion, in quantities never seen before! I'm guessing the chickens, in their foraging last year, "deposited" the wildflower seeds and the wet Spring did the rest.

As long as there are blooming wildflowers, there'll be no mowing on this property. Let the great re-seeding begin!

[pic: not a wildflower, but a zinnia from the garden nursery where I work.]


  1. I think the nice hard freeze this winter also helped with germination. I've got things in my yard I haven't seen since I moved in. Not just flowers, but also things like horseherb, great groundcover, which I really like but only had in one spot before. Now, all over the place.

  2. Ah!
    The infinite wisdom of nature and her seed spreaders!

  3. Wildflowers - the gift that keeps on giving. I agree. I just can't believe how lush our property is this summer. Each time I think we're done, something new pops up - right now it's miniature Blackeyed Susans.

  4. Wildflower season forever! And what a nice reward--for nature and us--after that dang drought.


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