As Protective As A Manager...

...of a young starlet against the paparazzi, Flopsy the Hen is brooking no nonsense from me or anyone else. That's HER baby, and don't you forget it:

"Is there something you need? No? Then please to be leaving now."

"Careful there, cowgirl... I peck hard!"

Photo success!
Buster, aka Butch, aka "@#$! rooster!"
From the coloration, I'm thinking Buster is the father. Not quite sure if this is Flopsy's biological progeny, as I didn't check the color of the egg she was sitting on, and there was no leftover shell that I could find after the hatching. I'm very happy that Flopsy was successful, as I hope to have our hens brood and raise any new chicks in the future. Of a few rare breeds I'd like to try, it can be easier to get fertile eggs instead of day-old chicks. Plus, having a mama around to show the chicks the ropes, keep them warm, clean any pasty butts, etc. - I'm all for it!


  1. Well... Well!!! Congrats to you, Granny! LOL Keep those photos coming! It'll be fun seeing what show this one grows up to prance around!

  2. @WeldrBrat: thanks! Hoping this one is a hen. Last chick (from the belated Specklebutt) turned out to be a hopelessly spastic/nasty rooster. He ended up in the stew pot.

  3. Love these photos. You make me want to have chickens so much. However, because of travel and my tendency to kill plants, I'm not ready yet for the responsibility of animate beings.

    For now I'll take pleasure in living vicariously through you.

  4. @mss, @John - glad you liked the photos, thank you!

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