It's a Lull

Pic: Yeah, you WISH you were this talented!
Flopsy's progeny, Generic Peeper, at bottom.
It's been unseasonably warm this Fall/Winter, and I'm doing my best to take advantage of this fact by catching up on odd projects. For example, the photo left shows the goose hutch, recently modified by adding new left and right openings. Our geese like to have a clear view out, and the hutch as it was before would rarely be used by more than one goose. Hopefully that will change. Cutting out the new entrances was my first experience using a circular saw doing unguided "plunge cuts" (kids, don't do this at home -- or at all). The result looks a little like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. The geese, opinionated though they may be, have never had anything to say about architecture. Thankfully.

Pic: Left is Gertie, middle is ?, right is Billy-Bob.
The geese should start laying eggs any time now, but there's no sign yet that they're even thinking of doing so.  Last year they started dropping eggs by Winter Solstice. This year? Not even a hint of territorial crabbiness. No pairing for "snuggles" in the Pool of Woo. No cheering on of others "snuggling". Nada. We've lost four geese this year - Godzilla, Princess, Gina, and Miss Cecily - and have gained a new Buff Pilgrim goose, adoptee "Purdy" Gertie. I've been wondering how Billy-Bob, the lone gander, is going to handle having a whole harem to himself. I'm sure he's not worried.


  1. Music? Candlelight? Aromatherapy?
    What gets a goose in the mood?!

  2. How 'bout a swamp cooler installed atop the goose hutch? Maybe the weather's not matching up with all the ... hhhhhot action being squelched thus far?

    Ohhhh, your photos tempt me to no end!!! You're downright ... hateful, Wench!

  3. how do u keep predators out of the goose hut at night?

  4. @Natalie: ROFL!

    @WeldrBrat: I aim to please ;-)

    @John: The night pen has electrified poultry netting all around. That, along with three livestock guardian dogs prowling the property, keep the geese & ducks fairly well protected. *knocks on wood*

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