More Fun with Power Tools - The Pressure Washer

The front porch has been a long-time repository for tools, lumber, garden equipment, tarps, more tools, more lumber, and of course, goose & chicken poo (which was sprayed off regularly, of course, but you knew that... right?). The temporary shed - up and in place since January - has been patiently waiting for all of our chaos, and we finally got the goodies transferred these past few days. The moving of all our white-trash goodness, however, left behind a very dirty porch.
I have a pressure nozzle on the garden hose, but this was three years of ground-in dirt, kiddies. It wasn't going anywhere: 

Rented a small pressure washer from the feed store, with "small" in their mind being 2700 PSI (the "big" pressure washer they also had available would have needed a trailer to haul to our place). The pressure washer needed gas, and I needed a refresher course on how to use the choke (snickeringly provided by Spouse, who said "Don't worry hon, I'll make a  man out of you yet!"), but eventually the machine got to going, and started revealing that it was grey-colored concrete, NOT tan, under all that dirt:

Not only did the concrete get a power wash, I also sprayed down the windows, screens and the doors. During the spray-down, we quickly found out that whatever weatherstripping the doors may have had at one time was now long dead and gone. As I washed, water sprayed through the top, the sides, and the bottom of the door. Spouse had to stop the process at one point, as the water almost reached the floor computers in the office. Yikes!

Still, only a couple hours worth of work, less than $20 for the half-day rental, no scrubbing, and look at how clean... w00t!

Wish we could use one of these things on the inside of the house!

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  1. I love my pressure washer! My favorite story is when I discovered that underneath all the greenish-gray goo on the boards of my front porch, cedar flooring was hiding! Wasn't I surprised - and delighted.


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