No Respect

Spouse snapped these photos of Frau the Barred Plymouth Rock hen resting herself upon Bandit, the much put-upon Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog. I mean, heck - the birds eat her food, poop on her bed, and now have the temerity to perch upon her very body! No respect, I tell ya!


  1. I dunno... it could be a favor.
    *I've got this itch... right about... yeah, that's the spot... woof, woof*

  2. I think Barred Rocks have the best personalities of the many breeds we have had over the years. We have several now. One in particular, Anna Louisa, is a total chatter box. She follows me around as I collect eggs, clean, feed, water or whatever I am doing down by the chix house and she never shuts up, she has an opinion about everything. She has been to two Earth Day celebrations with us where she gets held, handled by many kids and shits on 2 or 3 of them over the course of the day, but she still yammers on.


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