DIY: Big Dog Feeder Stands

Emma is a bit arthritic, and so the thought was to build a feed stand* for her. Having the dog food bowl a bit higher would be easier on her shoulder joints. Then, of course, we'd need to have feed stands for all the dogs, as we wouldn't want any jealousy going on during the morning chow-down. Happy discovery: the dogs' current food bowls fit perfectly atop five-gallon plastic plant pots.

The bowls, with lip, measure about 11 inches across, and the plastic pots slightly less (so as to support the lip of the bowl, natch). The pots stand about a foot tall.

While these pots were left over from recent plantings, you could probably pick some up for free or spare change at any garden nursery center that recycles their plant containers. Throw some rocks in the bottom of the pot for stability (or bricks, or whatever heavy refuse you have laying about) and voila! Feeder stand!

[* Please note: there is some controversy over feeder stands, as some believe it contributes to bloating. See article on GDV here.]


  1. Love it! How simple, how clever! I'm going to try it for my big 14 year old lab.

  2. @Accidental Huswife - hope it works well for you, enjoy!

  3. Thats great i had to throw away my akitas raised dog bowl as it went rusty thats a fantastic idea and will save me a lot of money and will be easier to keep clean thanks.

    1. Glad that the post was helpful, hope it works well for you and your Akita!


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