Little brown fuzzballs of attitude and cuteness. They arrived the day after Miss Cecily was euthanized, as if Miss Cecily and the Universe knew what was about to happen, and conspired to keep me busy. The ducklings have moved from house pen, to porch pen, to yard pen in two short weeks. They are messy, messy, messy. I love them to pieces.

Day old duckling.

One week old, and first day in the Big Blue Room.
@virgotex remarked "What are you doing, feeding them MiracleGro?" Nah, just organic duckling chow. Thank you McMurray Hatchery!

And then Michelle asked in the comments section "You don't mention what kind of ducks they are... inquiring minds want to know these things :)" Well, that's just the mind-bending power of cuteness overload, Michelle - one forgets to mention these things! These little squeezlings are Khaki Campbell ducks. They're to keep Moe, our recently rescued (and lone duck) company.

Almost two weeks old.


  1. Danger. Caution! Look away!
    This post is far too adorable and fuzzy... I cannot take it.

  2. Oh! Oh! Little Khaki Campbells? I loooove mine. They have to be to make up for their messiness. I call mine the "Squishies" b/c they are soft and cuddly and are, well, squishy! Enjoy!

  3. so cute...they almost made me forget all that duck shit lol

  4. Our place is up on a hill. We were told that we have a pond. All we've viewed since we moved here has been a hole. Previous owners claimed it held water until they sold their last horse - which I accepted with a grain of salt (out of politeness) - and have stood with pure skepticism from the moment I heard the words. My fruit trees would take my side - trust me. However - those cute little babies could almost tempt me to have DH seal with cement rather than fill with dirt!

  5. Oh, the cuteness, the cuteness! I shall get nothing else done today - I am dead of the cute!

  6. I'm so glad you got new critters! You don't mention what kind of ducks they are... inquiring minds want to know these things :)

  7. Himself will not let me get any more chicks--of any kind--so I will get my chick-fix vicariously from you. Maybe it's the poop in the house...

  8. The cuteness made me forgot to list their breed, Michelle - such are the mind-bending powers these ducklings have :-D. They're Khaki Campbells! Will update the post, thank you!


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