First Goose Eggs of the Season!

I've placed a duck egg and an extra-large chicken egg next to the goose eggs for comparison. The geese are much later laying this season than last - last season, the first egg was laid on the Solstice! I'm wondering if the extra warm winter we're having (compared to the cold one last year) has been affecting their inclinations. Will have to do some research. Anyhow... woo-hoo!


  1. wow - monster omelette time?

  2. I'm feeling full just looking at one of those eggs. Those things are huge! Are the yolks same size as the hen eggs - or - are they proportionate to the size of that egg?

  3. @Anonymous: one is definitely enough for a small omelet!

    @Natalie... *lol*!

    @WeldrBrat: yep, the yolks are proportionate. The eggs are mild-tasting, a little different from chicken eggs, but not gamey at all.

  4. I think I will be hatching out a few more goslings tis spring!!!

  5. @John: what breed of goose will you be hatching?


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