Dinosaur Descendents

I'm outside, pruning the fruit trees, and notice several sets of beady eyes looking at me from a short distance away. Undaunted by the stares, I continue trimming, and then start pulling up the weeds from the base of the young fruit trees. Before I can blink twice, I'm surrounded by voracious, determined chickens, tearing up the ground where the weeds once were. Any sleeping worm, pillbug or grub is instantly gobbled up.

Spouse and I once idly discussed: if we were to drop dead on the pasture, who'd be the first to start chewing on our carcasses? Dogs, geese, ducks, or chickens? We both agreed, hands-down: the chickens.

Pic: the chickens in a feeding frenzy.


  1. Our chickens favorite time is when I lift up the water trough to clean it out... Green grass sprouts and worms, mmmm, delicious!

  2. as soon as you dig or plant or just clear some land there is always a chicken under your feet eh?


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