The Morning Lie... err, Incentive

pic: the morning greeting during
mating season. 

Usually a hiss or a series of fast, 
ear-splitting high-pitched 
squawks. Lovely!

[slap alarm clock]


[repeat if necessary, up to 2x]

The usual dawn sounds - outside of the Lucky the Roo crowing the quarter-hours, that is.

I tell myself to get up, that all I have to do is the bare minimum of chores then I can come back inside for a nap. I cling to this seductive promise every time - bare feet on concrete floors, pulling on clothes in warm & muggy or chilly weather - holding it close to my heart. I've never been a morning person. It has taken a lot of work to get my backside into bed before 11:00AM at night - my old tech, night-owl proclivities are tenacious. And though lately my eyes may open before dawn (the joys of getting older), it doesn't mean I'm ready to get out of bed yet.

And I could come back and take that nap, if I wanted to, sure thing. By the time I get into the routine of chores, however - pump dirty pool water to fruit trees, refill pools, watering bowls, feed for the birds, the dogs - I've come awake enough that my stomach rumbles for breakfast and coffee. There's no sleeping once that starts. And in a way, I'm glad: if it's nice outside, I'll get that cup of coffee, sit on the porch, and watch the animals do their morning routines. If the dogs aren't mugging me for attention at that point, some of the chickens might even come and perch on my lap. Who would want to nap throught that?


  1. It's so true about sleeping less and less as we get a bit more age on us. And it's also true I tell more lies to myself out of bed than I ever had to tell to get me into bed. Luckily, I fall for the same lies everyday.. There is good coffee in the pot and the animals are adorable, especially your comment about being mugged by the dogs. Keep on telling about our farming ways..


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