Power Washer for the Win!

Spouse purchased a low-end consumer power washer to try out a few weeks ago. The input connector, made of plastic, broke off immediately (I did say "low end", right?), but it was fixable with a few hose repair parts, and has been chugging along ever since. It does give me pause now & then when I contemplate that it runs off electricity, as we all know how well water & electricity get along with the human body... regardless, there are excellent water-saving benefits using this machine. It quickly powers off the morning Apocalypse of Poo that the geese leave on the porch overnight, and yet it's not so powerful that I have to worry about flaying skin off my body if I accidentally mishandle the nozzle.

I've also used this power washer to clean out the tenacious algae on the waterfowl kiddie pools and all the drinking bowls. What took serious elbow grease, a stiff brush, and a bit of bleach (which I try to avoid using as much as possible), the power washer takes care of in seconds flat, and does a much better job.

One other cool job it does: cleaning shoes. I like to clean all the warm-weather flip-flops, water shoes & clogs at the end of the season, before they go into cool-weather storage (also known as the "back end of the closet"). The shoes with nylon webbing or a bit of cloth on the straps can be especially tough to clean. The powerwasher got all the dirt out and off with two passes of spray. The toughest part was keeping the shoe in place - the pressure sometimes would knock the shoe out of the way. By the way, watch carefully the footbeds of your shoes when pressure washing - a softer plastic footbed may tear a bit.

Eight pairs of shoes cleaned in just a few minutes. I feel like a 1950's housewife with a newfangled washing machine!

Pic upper left: Pacific Hydrostar electric pressure washer (no, we're not affiliated with Habor Freight, we just spend alot of money there. 

Pic upper right: shoe getting washed - impressive!

Pic below: some of the shoes drying in a safe place. It's not the dogs we worry about chewing the shoes, it's the geese, and that's another post coming up...


  1. I love my powerwasher! Don't know how I ever lived without one. It's tops for dislodging poo of all varieties from every possible location. It also delivered a delightful surprise when I did my front porch a few years ago - the green slimy smelly mess turned out to be hiding cedar flooring! Hurray!

  2. @Michelle - what a terrific discovery, finding that cedar flooring!


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