The Usual Day of Destruction

I spent some time on the porch with the geese... you know, hanging out, taking pictures, being buddies. Before I could do that, they had to make sure I wasn't bugging them. They gave me a good stare down. 

Figuring I wasn't going to bug them (too much), they got comfy and started doing their usual routine: chewing on things. 

Babs chewing on the porch chair. These chairs are the only ones we've found that have stood up to the destructive powers of the geese. 

Not for lack of trying, however.

Geese chewing on an electric cord. The cords don't stand up as well as the above chairs to the chewing. See example below:

This cord was previously plugged into an electrical outlet. Goose was lucky not to have been cooked.  I'm lucky to have a Spouse that knows how to repair these kinds of things. 

Goose attempting to chew on wall plate screw. Because it's there, you know?

And now, chewing on the window trim. The grating sound will get you up from a sound nap, I assure you from experience.

Eventually they'll move on, perhaps bullying Emma the dog away from her dog food, or complaining loudly about something or another that is invisible to the naked human eye. It's a goose thing, you know.


  1. They do have the rough life don't they? :-)

  2. @Dave: it's tough out there, being a goose (on our property). Why people say if there's reincarnation, they wanna come back as one of our birds, I have no idea. ;-)

  3. Those are some fierce bills on those geese!


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