Our farm: the cast of characters

Welcome to our farm blog. Spouse and I have a small, eight-acre place out in the Texas Hill Country, and in our insanity have gathered during the past eight weeks:

Six chicks, who are now eight weeks of age. Two Plymouth Barred Rocks named Crash & Airborne, two Sicilian Buttercups named Thug 1 and Thug 2, and two Cubalayas who are unnamed at the moment, but by their coloring, I might say Cinnamon & Nutmeg. We also had two Ameraucanas named Misty and Cheeky, but both have died *sniff*. Misty is the white & black in the foreground.

Two female Great Pyrenees puppies, about three months old, named Bandit and Maggie. They are in training to protect the chickens and geese. They're both smart and stubborn, which makes training a delicate balance of motivation and determination on the part of Spouse and I.

Two Tufted Roman geese, who are now eight weeks of age, named Godzilla and (Queenie) Kong. They rule the roost. They'll tell you that in no uncertain terms, and you better believe it...

...and six additional Tufted Roman goslings, about three weeks of age. Only names thus far are Billy-Bob, Cecilia and Cecily.

Spouse is a much better writer than I, so I'll let him introduce himself in another post. As for myself, I'm a system administrator by trade, but did the majority of growing up in an agricultural and dairy community (when I wasn't traveling, doing the military brat thing). This is a full circle round for me, and I'm having a blast. Enjoy the chaos!


  1. :) you made me laugh--pretty cute.

  2. Wonderful... your blog is a total delight... evidenced by the fact that I started at the top and kept reading until I got here. You are living a good story and I look forward to the chapters ahead.

  3. @Natalie, thank you! I'm honored!


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