somebody stop us, please!

Welcome to our newest additions to the chicken flock (as soon as they're big enough to go out into the yard)! Saw them in the local feed store, and fell in love all over again. I wonder if this is what some women go through with human babies: forgetting how much work the little buggers are, and wanting "just one more"...

Seriously, we had a legitimate reason for getting more chicks. Our only two Ameraucana's died, and the two Sicilian Buttercups are looking to be roosters instead of hens, so that left us a mere four egg-layers (that is, if they're not roosters as well, hmph). We purchased six Ameraucana's this time, to ensure at least a few of them survive past chickhood.

Love those fuzzy butts!

Fact: Ameraucana's are affectionately nick-named "easter-eggers", because they lay pastel blue colored eggs. There's your educational tip for the day!

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