so, when is it NOT busy?

Goslings, chicks and dogs - all at once - equals a massive sh*tload of work that needs to be done NOW, NOW, NOW. I think we're over the initial hump of work, at least for the animals. In a short amount of time, we've built a chicken coop & dog house, dug out & installed a small swimming hole for the geese, put up fence posts and fencing, partitioned different living areas so the pups could get bonded with the geese & chickens without getting pecked to death, and installed an electrified poultry netting around the whole blinkin' perimeter.

[pic above: Cecily looking at Billy-Bob, probably thinking "dude, you're doing it wrong"]

This weekend we put in fence posts and fencing for a secondary goose pen that will allow us to put the goslings out during the day. We also finished the goose "kennel" (pics forthcoming) that should fit eight full-grown geese. This was done in 95+ degree weather. Spouse has probably lost over 10 pounds over these past four days alone.

The next step is to somehow make it so both "old" and "young" geese will get along. Queenie gets her wild-eyed look whenever she's next to the younger goslings, and if it weren't for the divider fence in the secondary pen, she'd probably snatch a goodly mouthful of fuzz. I'm hoping that once the younger geese get more of their white feathers, Godzilla & Queenie will recognize them as family.

As for myself, put a fork in me, I'm done. Off to take a nap.

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