Geese in Pool and Mother Nature

Not the greatest quality photo, as this was a taken a distance away with the cell phone, but here's the geese enjoying the new pool. Before the week of Noah & the Flood.

When I (or was it Spouse? Can I blame Spouse? No?) got the bright idea to put the pool on the side of the hill, neither of us took into account rain runoff. This week, we've had about 8 inches (or more) of that wet goodness, and the pool received about the same in quantity of muddy runoff from the hill. Oops. The filter just couldn't keep up. Spouse had to pump out the water twice: once to empty the pool so he could shovel out the mud, and once again after re-filling, as the mud hiding under the floor pavers came swirling out.

It looks like we've come to the end of this particular weather system, but we're all hoping for more rain in the weeks to come. Think I might need to invest in some sandbags to place a few feet in front of the pool to prevent more mud collection during the next bout of rain. It's either that or Spouse just might make me shovel next time.


  1. Doh! That's how we learn. Can't tell you how many moments we've had over the years where we wonder how we could have missed something so obvious.

    In any event, the geese sure look happy.

  2. Your Geese/duck pond makes me want to have a water feature in my back yard. MEB

  3. Could you make it tiered up the hill so it will look all natural and stuff? That might keep the mud out too

  4. @S_Vandemore: I think the geese do enjoy the pool - first time since goslings that the water is deep enough that they can relax their legs completely.

    @MEB: water features are wonderful - hope you can find something you like!

    @warren: good idea. Am also thinking that once the weather is cooled off for the season, might replace liner with concrete - if so, should be able to create a longer slope into the pool, and a small lip to keep out the runoff.

  5. I have enjoyed your blog.
    I wish my "spouse" will sort out some hen saddles...but hey ho....

    love your geese too....I would love to have a few.,..

    john (uk)

  6. @John Gray: welcome to the blog, and thanks for the kind words!


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