The Lone Rooster State

"Lucky", the lone rooster, shares food with the ladies now. Maybe he always did, but it was hard to tell with all the previous roosters running around. Lucky also is learning how to take "no" for an answer:

Lucky the rooster: does his come-hither dance next to Red.
Red the hen: Does not "assume the position". Stands upright and pecks at Lucky.
Lucky: "Wait, didn't she read me right?" Does come-hither dance next to Red again.
Red: "Didn't you get the hint?" Puts on aggressive stance, pecks at Lucky again.
Lucky: "This can't be right. I'm irresistible!" Does dance one more time.
Red: lunges at Lucky and chases him off.
Lucky: Stays away this time.

If he continues the good behavior, Lucky will stay "lucky" with the humans for a good long time. The hens, however, may have different ideas.

[pic: this is a picture of the late Spike, but Lucky is of the same Leghorn breed.]


  1. They look like a handsome cockerel breed. If I was a hen I don't think I'd turn him down!

  2. Great picture. I have a feeling Lucky will get lucky one of these days. Very handsome feller. :)

  3. the girls will learn to love him in time . . . after all, he is the only cock of walk!

  4. Maybe Lucky belongs in IT? Most of my co-workers (and I bet yours too) have the exact same experiences!

  5. @warren - whoa, Lucky's an IT guy! I shoulda guessed!


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