Review: Lehman's Leather Flyswatter

@dasparky: Dear flies: while you're in my house, know that I don't want you to suffer. I just want you to DIE. Sincerely, me.

I recognize the worth of flies in the ecosystem, the cycle of life. They play a very important role in decomposition of various materials, and their young are a food source for other animal species. In fact, as I've mentioned here before, we don't even own a can of bug spray in the house. We catch and release as much as possible. Flies, however, are not amenable to "catch & release", and act like a herd cats when attempting to shoo them out a window or door. Just. Ain't. Happening.

Spouse and I have gone through numerous plastic flyswatters. None lasted more than a month or so before breaking. Terro has an aluminum mesh flyswatter which lasts much longer than the plastic ones, but uses a sewn paper border which frays quickly. Once the paper frays, the mesh starts to unravel with further swattings. 

Which leads to the subject of this review: Lehman's leather flyswatter. A piece of leather, tanned on one side, punched through with holes for faster swatting ability. Sewn & riveted onto a handle of twisted, thick wire. It's been getting quite the workout lately, as the newly repaired screens on the windows have been ripped out once again by the geese, which then let in the flies. Time to figure out some protection for those windows...

Flyswatter pros:

  1. Leather - it ain't gonna break.
  2. Repairable - I can hand sew it back onto the wire handle if the thread wears out.
  3. Wire handle - can be replaced with a twisted, thick wire hangar if need be.

Flyswatter cons:

  1. Leather is only tanned & smooth on one side. The other side is "raw",  so fly guts don't clean off as easily.

The swatter is $4.95, and dang well worth the money. We bought two.

[pics: the leather swatters, natch]


  1. The very idea of you whipping out a leather flyswatter amuses me.

    We saw a possum last night eating the horde of june bugs out back. Far less fascinating than leather flyswatters, of course.

  2. @Pamela: oh, the replies that leap to my fingertips... LOL!

    WRT Possums, think that'd be pretty cool to watch!

  3. I'm betting many of those are bought by folks for use in other contexts...

    I've had it with the flies as well. Had some luck with juice traps.

    The teenage dog also makes great sport of snapping them out of the air.

  4. Lehman's is somewhat close to me and I keep meaning to make a trip. Their website is incredible!


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