I've been trying to get some photos (in good light) of the Hen Haus, but time or rain have prevented. In the meantime, I've discovered that our apricot trees mean business when the fruit is ripe: you either pick the fruit and eat/process that very day, or else the fruit will start decomposing by the next day. Found that out the hard way: picked a bunch of ripe fruit, and left them on the counter while I went out grocery shopping. Picked up a bottle of brandy in which to preserve the apricots, and got lazy, thinking "eh, I'll do this tomorrow". All tomorrow brought were mushy fruit and fruit flies. Yiiick.

I understand better why I rarely see apricots on the market farm tables around here. Too challenging to get out the door in a timely fashion!


  1. Apricots!
    I would eat them right there under the tree!
    Though I totally appreciate the "do it tomorrow" approach... I have donated too much produce to the compost pile doing that... *shame*

  2. Apricots preserved in brandy? I'd like to see more information on this deb.

    Also, the Mrs. is getting anxious about getting a hen house built for layers so any pics or topics that you could share would be great.

  3. @Natalie: I share your shame. Too much ambition for the time I have :-)

    @Chris: ask and ye shall receive! Just posted the Hen Haus photos today!

  4. I agree. Just eat them on the spot. Gorge yourself while it lasts.


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