Guess What Mama Got For the Holidays?

Aww h3llz yeah!

The company I work for part-time asked Spouse what I wanted for Christmas. The company has a nice holiday dinner at a local restaurant, and hands out gifts to all their employees. I wasn't expecting anything because of my part-time status. "Well," Spouse said to his boss, "I'll tell you, but you're not gonna believe this...". He worried that the company would think it was actually for him. He said my reaction surely disabused any notion of that being the case. I think I actually yelped "Mama got a compound mitre saw!" Must have, as everyone was laughing... [Spouse made out well, no worries - they got him an XBox.]

On the way home, I received an email from MY Momma, who let me know that a mitre saw was going to be delivered for my Christmas gift from her... wow! I was bummed to tell her that I had just received one, but she laughed and graciously offered to send the receipt so I could exchange for another power tool of my choosing. Diggity! Looking at some table saws now...


  1. Hot dog! that's great! I got a hand nailer one year and love the idea of getting power tools! Why should the boys have all the fun? LOL

  2. um where is my Deb, and what have you done with her?

  3. Aww h3llz yeah! Love the reaction. Nice present!

  4. Busting up!! Hilarious! Guess the Elves were playing in many ears this year!

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    @Lynne - too bad we didn't live closer, we could borrow each other's tools and save some $$ :-)

    @Kenyatta - I was "in the closet" about my tool lust when I worked for you ;-)

    @Katie - *lol*, thanks!

    @Teresa - busy elves indeed!

  6. Sweet! You'll use the heck outta that!


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