Project: 2x4 Basics "Easy-Up Enclosure" - Greenhouse Version

It was a slow start to the temporary greenhouse project. First I moved the side yard 10'x20' shade structure over next to our shed, so Spouse and I could have a protected area to do our construction projects, rain or shine. That led to cleaning up and organizing the wood piles (they were in the way), adding more shelves to the temporary shed (to hold the tools and other stuff that was in the way), and carting off two bags of junk and detritus. It was a roundabout way of getting started on the greenhouse project, to be sure.

Here's the box that contains the Easy-Up Enclosure parts...

...and here are the parts. You provide the cut wood, and slide the parts into or through the various pieces, then screw the plastic parts to the wood to ensure a stable connection.

Goggles on, safety first!

The chopsaw Spouse modified to cut wood. He swapped out the metal cutting blade for a wood cutting blade. Probably not what the manufacturer intended, but don't laugh. It works. (Mama still wants that compound mitre saw for the holdiays, ya hear?)

The required wood, all cut to specification. 

The pieces would not easily slide onto the 2"x2"s, so I had to (gently, gently) tap with a rubber mallet to get the pieces onto the wood. See the groove marks the piece is scratching into the wood? Those are from little nubs on the inside that are supposed to help the plastic piece(s) grip the wood tightly. It's doing a dang fine job. 


One of the pieces busted.  There are no spare parts. 

Even if I put together the rest of the enclosure, there'd be some serious weakness in the structure. I no longer have my receipt from Amazon, so I can't even return the box, nor the greenhouse cover (which was a separate purchase). 

I am flummoxed. 

Waiting for Spouse to get home to see if there's a way we can rig up a fix. Regardless, there's no guarantees that the other plastic pieces won't break as well. Aiiieeee!!!!


  1. I'm a little bit more handy than I once was. I even own a few tools like an electric screwdriver and such.

    But I would never have the nerve to approach a job like that! I salute you.


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