An Army of Chickens

Remember that previous post where I noted which chickens we were not going to try again? Mom (who came out to help while I've been recovering from surgery) went with me to the feed store, saw a batch of those very same chicks and Fell In Love.  Three hours before her plane flight, we had four tiny fuzzy-butt Barred Plymouth Rocks and two Ameraucanas, one of whom is Mom's self-appointed namesake, "Frances".

We've still an order of four female goslings and 10 pullets (female chicks) coming in next week. More ladies for the ganders, and some buff Wyandotte chickens and "Surprise Special Pullets" mix just for the fun of it. I've also promised a neighbor's child that I'd buy a few of her pullets as soon as she knows for certain their gender. We're gonna be up to our armpits in chickens around here!

Spouse is frantically building the new 10'x10' chicken coop to house the hen army. Progress pics upcoming soon.

[Pic: "Frances". Oh, and I'm doing fine, just part of the "hyster- sisterhood" now (thanks for the term, Bonnie!)]


  1. Sometimes, bad things happen to good chicks, geese, guineas, etc... the breed probably has little to do with it. Just nature doing its thing. Have fun with your new kids. No one can resist a baby chick, I tell ya.

  2. Baby chickie envy, new coop envy too.
    Keep us posted.
    I guess you're surgery-recovery went well... that is good. Very good.
    Enjoy what's springing at your house!

  3. @el_vigilante - correct. It wasn't the breed, just us humans thinking we were all thumbs bringing up this particular chicken. Hoping that the third time's the charm!

    @Natalie - indeed, it's hard to stay mindful that I need to rest. "But I've got all this free time!!" lol


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