Miss Cecily just crapped in my boots

I kid you not.

She was standing on my belly as I was laying on the couch (we take naps together). She turned to the side, grunted, and let out a spurt of wet feces that arced about 12 inches long. My boots were next to the couch. KASPLOOEY! Crap on my boots, IN my boots... I about scared the poor goose with laughing.

Finally, an animal has made good on their threat to sh*t in our shoes.


  1. There is so much more drama, action... so much more for the imagination and anticipation when things "arc."


  2. Sounds like the beginning of a bar joke... A farmer was holding a goose on her stomach...

    Truth is stranger than fiction, especially in Deb's world. :)

  3. Could this only happen to you? I mean - is this one of those things in life where we are all stung singularly with God's sense of humor? Mine would be a dog that knows how to flip me off with her eyes before destroying a bathroom when I say, "no".

  4. @Natalie: oh, we've got drama around here aplenty, that's for sure :-). Looking forward to a little LESS drama.

    @el_vigilante: if anyone had told me five years ago I'd be taking naps with a goose, I would have laughed my ass off.

    @WeldrBrat: *lol*! Makes you glad a dog doesn't have a fifth, opposable appendage, eh?


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