A Goose After Our Own Hearts

Miss Cecily loves to hang out in the computer room. I wonder what it is about that space that is so attractive. Is it the warm flow of air from the five-plus computers Spouse and I own and run? (Oh, and that's far fewer than what we use to run, believe me). Is it Spouse's taste in music? The movies he watches? Both at the same time? Or is it the small space itself?

Sometimes she makes her way to the computer room when there's no one in there. It may take her a minute or two - she's meandering kind of slowly these days - but once she's there, she finds the towel we've laid out for her, and plops down. Spouse or I will clean up the trail of poo she leaves behind in her travel, bring in food and water, and keep an eye on her. She'll hang out there for hours.

Unless a miracle happens, these may be Miss Cecily's last few days. [And boy howdy, am I open for a miracle, okay Powers-That-Be?] For her mental well-being and comfort, I'm happy that she's found a room that she enjoys as much as Spouse and I do.

[pic: Miss Cecily herself, in the computer room. Note the small form computer case box. Spouse still enjoys "rolling his own".]


  1. Cecily, dear. I am glad she has had this secure and loving place, her home. I hope her miracle comes.

  2. *loves on you and Miss Cecily* She has the best goose-parents evar.

  3. I'm hoping for a miracle for Miss Cecily as well.


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