Project: The Hen Haus (halfway there)

It begins as a flat-pack, do-it-yourself shed from a Big Box Hardware Store. It ends up costing almost half as much again in paint, additional lumber, accoutrements, and making it sturdy enough to handle the high winds we get here in the Hill Country...

I had originally snagged around twenty used wood pallets to build the hen house. Thinking that perhaps a pre-fab shed might be easier and cheaper. It definitely looked easier when I checked it out at the hardware store:

It took Spouse and Uncle almost a full day to to trim space under the oak and make a level foundation. Okay, that would have been the case for the pallet shed, too. Still, an ugly surprise: I hadn't noticed that the shed used 2x3's instead of 2x4's, and the terrible thinness of the plywood siding. Spouse and Uncle were up to the challenge, however, even if the budget wasn't prepared. Off to the hardware store for more lumber!

The geese generously offered their supervisory direction, as well as "customizing" the look and feel of some of the plywood with their poo...

The shed with skylight cut in. Two window openings will be cut into the west and east sides each, with the northern front (door side) to remain closed against winter rain and wind. The south side may receive windows as well, but we'd have to attach some sort of awning to block against southern rain. The coop will receive eastern morning sunlight, but by noontime, the shed will be shaded against the afternoon heat on the west side by the oak tree under which it resides.

Next: corrugated roofing, and painting the inside.


  1. those are some lucky freaking fowl! what a huge hen house!

  2. @Lily - you know it, *lol*. To be fair, however, the shed will also house feed and a chick brooder as well, which will get all that stuff OUT of the house. Yay!

  3. If those birds don't love you as much as they should once they get moved in - just - hang a pot above the door - on the inside!

  4. "Hen House"... right. I wish I could get away w/ using that kind of "code" for where I parked *my* quads too! ;) Seriously now, that looks good. Actually being able to WALK in a coop is a novelty I never experienced.


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