Pootles and Tootles

Life keeps moving, even if I'm still recovering (aiiieee! slowly, but recovering) from surgery. A few goings ons:

The emergency generator is now fully installed! It may have taken longer than I would have liked, but thankfully there was no need for it during the winter freezes.

The side yard goose pond's old pump has been replaced with a pump that can (hopefully) keep up with the poo-producing capacities of our geese.

Attended our first chicken show, where our neighbor's daughter had four entries. So many cool-looking breeds! Glad I didn't bring a carrier, as it would have been tempting to purchase a few to take home. Spouse saw a Golden Phoenix/Ameraucana cross-bred rooster (gorgeous!), and is idly considering getting an Ameraucana roo to breed with our new Golden Phoenix pullets.

And speaking of chickens: the new chicken coop is almost complete. Pics will be forthcoming. The plan is to put the chickens into the coop at night, so they wake up in the new domain. We'll keep a large fence around the coop - and the chickens in the pen/coop area - for a couple of days, so they get used to the new digs. We'll have to hide the old coop somewhere, although Spouse keeps threatening to give it, and some chickens, to his Uncle who doesn't want chickens...

Then last, but not least: we're renting the backhoe/digger again for an upcoming weekend's worth of projects. There's fruit trees to plant, trenches to fill, paths to re-gravel, and much mulching to be done. I feel rather geeky to admit I'm looking forward to working with heavy machinery :-). In the meantime, however, I need to rest up. I'm sure Miss Cecily will oblige my efforts.

[pic: Miss Cecily having her afternoon rest, and making sure I stay on the couch as well.]


  1. I saw a Golden Phoenix rooster at a fair this summer. He was stunning! Alas, I can't have a rooster :(

  2. @Michelle - probably for the best. Ours likes to crow about every two hours, including through the night. I don't mind, but if I lived in a suburban area, the neighbors would hate me :-)

  3. I believe poop and poop removal are on a sliding scale, the greater your ability to control it, the more there is.


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