New Additions

We didn't plan it this way, but perhaps it's a blessing for it to happen so soon after Godzilla's passing. We just got in our order of new goslings and chicks. Four more Tufted Roman females, six buff Wyandottes, and the "surprise pullets" were two each of Brahmas, Fayoumis, and Gold Phoenix. Love them fuzzy butts!

Of course, this means Billy-Bob the gander is going to have a total of nine female geese to mind, but I don't think he'll "mind" at all.


  1. Squee! Baby geese are so precious, with their teensy webbed feet!

  2. I want... all of 'em!!! Too cute!!

  3. Oh my cute. Love them basking in the red glow of the heat lamp. All about the cycle of life....

  4. I love my Fayoumi, and they love Texas heat. Last summer they were positively perky (unlike me). This year, my rooster and hens produced baby Fayoumi, which was doubly exciting.

  5. @Michalea: good to know about the
    Fayoumi, thanks!

  6. Hope to put up a video of the goslings within the next few days!


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