Spoiled Goose is Spoiled

If bossiness is any indicator, Miss Cecily may be on the mend.
  • If the feeding tube is within beak's reach, it is attacked.
  • If there's something of interest on the coffee table - and within beak's reach - it will get nibbled.
  • If her soon-to-be-patented "Put me on your chest, it's nap time, human!" stare is not acted upon by one of us, the other human is then set upon. Repeat until one of the humans give in.
  • It's not enough to let her out with the other geese - one of the human pillows must be there as well, or caterwauling will commence.
On a more serious note, she's walking more, and keeping her head upright for longer periods of time. She had a four week run of taking DMSO, and has been off for almost two weeks without relapse. She's not only molting, but is growing in new feathers. She's yet to put on weight - the stress from molting and new feather output takes up a lot of calories - so her smoothie feedings* are now four times a day. I've been able to space out the vitamin shots to 72 hour intervals without noticeable energy lag on her part. Hoping that once the new feathers are in, she'll quickly start recovering full flexibility and strength.

In the meantime, however, if being spoiled rotten is any indicator of health, Miss Cecily is well on her way to full recovery.

*Miss Cecily's Green Smoothie - makes four or more 2 ounce servings:

Stick-blend a handful of kale in a cup of water; strain & save juice.
Approx half cup+ of chick feed, ground into a powder.
Contents of two fish oil capsules
1/8th teaspoon of pro-biotics
One powdered glucosamine/chondroiten tablet

Mix together, and let sit for at least an hour so the grains can soak up some of the liquid. Stick blend again, adding more water if necessary to obtain a soupy consistency.


  1. gosh Intensive care for geese!!!

    i have four eggs in the incubator hope my geese (if they hatch) are as handsome

  2. @John - any hatching yet?

    @Hill Country Hippie: and the vet has suggested adding pureed tofu to the smoothie as well, hee!


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