R.I.P. Godzilla

Miss Cecily's sweetheart, Godzilla, passed away early this afternoon. I had noticed him breathing a bit heavily on Saturday, and made plans to take him into the vet on Monday. Monday, his breathing was much worse. While at the vet getting tests done, he passed away. An autopsy will be performed to find out the cause, to make sure what happened isn't a disease that is/was communicable to the other geese.

Godzilla was one our two first hand-raised goslings. He was a sweet, sweet boy (except during mating season, of course). Although Tufted Romans are harem-minded, not mate-for-life types, he and Miss Cecily were always close. He and Billy-Bob both liked to come inside the house to visit Miss Cecily in her recovery area, or hang outside the porch next to the screen door and nap close by.

Billy-Bob has some big webbed feet to follow. Rest in peace, Godzilla.

[pic top: Godzilla in the mist. pic bottom: how Godzilla got his name - he was HUGE compared to the chicks!]

Special note to Ma Nature: enough illness and death for now, okay?


  1. I have add him to the list for Samhain. How is Miss Cecily doing?


  2. Thank you Katrina, it is most appreciated. Miss Cecily's health is an enigma at the moment. She hasn't gained any weight on one hand, but on the other, she's putting out new feathers (which takes alot of calories)! It's the molting season, so there's alot of stress on her physically. Today we had some great successes, however: she walked around with the geese for a bit, and got in & out of a shallow bath all by herself! Yayy!!

    I've started doing some woo-woo healing work on her every day. I'm hoping Godzilla will put in a good word for her with The Powers That Be.

  3. sending you love and a hug . . . to every season turn turn . . . may godzilla visit you and miss cecily in your dreams . . .

  4. Please extend my sympathy to Ms Cecily and all your family for your loss.

  5. Ahhh...the loss. Godzilla was such a handsome bird. Did you find out what killed him???

  6. @Chance - hey, good to "see" you! Turns out he had fatty deposits on all his organs. I've never heard of a free-range goose becoming obese, but that's what happened. He was almost 18 pounds - the biggest his breed is supposed to get is around 12 pounds. He's always been a big goose, however, so it simply wasn't obvious. Damn. :-(

  7. >Godzilla in the mist

    One of the great captions of all time.

    :( for you -- looks like he was a nice fella.

    -- risa b


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