New Addition: Emma

You may have noticed an edit, an addition to the list of animals on the upper right of this blog (under "what this is all about"). Meet Emma - a Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shephard mix, a joint rescue by WAG and Wimberley Veterinary Clinic. Emma was dropped off for euthanasia by an owner who couldn't care for her anymore. WAG & Doc Sheffield, however, thought Emma deserved a second chance. And Doc thought Spouse and I would be pushover enough to take her in. He was right on all counts.

I was concerned about bringing Emma to our place, as not all dogs - even livestock guardian dogs - are cut out to guard poultry. So far, she has only a passing interesting in the chickens (just a bit of butt sniffing - you know, to make sure they are who they say they are*), and NO interest whatsoever in those noisy, bite-y, nasty geese.

She's not without issues. Emma and Maggie had a bonding moment when a summer thunderstorm passed through, huddling nose-to-nose in fear on the dog beds on the front porch. Emma also has more than a wee bit of food possessiveness - a trait not unknown to Great Pyrs. She's too dang skinny. Her coat was shaved close to help deal with mats and skin issues, and what's left of her coat is dull and rough. Her nose is still sloughing off some old, calloused skin. And she should fit into this farm of misfit animals just fine.

*John Callahan, cartoonist. Couldn't find a copy of the original cartoon, but it's basically two dogs in an office situation, with one dog saying to the other "I'm sure you are who you say you are, but I'm gonna have to sniff your butt anyway."


  1. Congratulations on your new addition. What a sweet looking girl.

  2. Off topic(ish) -- but damn, I didn't know Callahan had died. Marsha loved his stuff.

  3. GP's are fine dogs. A friend always has one - chick magnets... He had one lured off and ambushed by wolves, following his instinct, they ended up mortally wounding him. He's a lot more protective of the most recent one. He can sense a coyote before you can even see him.

  4. I love her face! Old soul with a gentleness tone that seems to carry quite a bit of patience - minus the dinner bell, of course. It'll be fun watching her transform over the next few months. She'll have a coat of hair looking absolutely gorgeous - if she charms you as much as that darn goose! LOL

  5. fair dos

    I could hug you for being so sweet
    she looks lovely


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