Miss Cecily is a Very Special Goose

It's been a couple of weeks of goose trauma around here. Miss Cecily, who had been having problems keeping her wings high on her back, appeared to be getting much worse - sometimes even dragging her wings on the ground. Our primary vet had no idea what the problem could be, so put her on prednisone to help ease any pain or inflammation there might be. As Miss Cecily worsened, a friend at work encouraged me to get a second opinion. I took her to a bird hospital in Austin, where the vet there has been working with our primary vet. With testing, she has found out the following:

1. Miss Cecily has a slow pulse.
2. Miss Cecily probably has arthritis, and
3. Miss Cecily looks like she has testes. Yep, she's intersexed.

We knew she was a very special goose, but wow! [Auntie Karen asked if we're going to let Miss Cecily choose whatever clothes she wants for school. But of course!]

Cecily was stepped down off the prednisone, and given a course of antibiotics. She seemed to be improving until she was completely off both the steroids and the antibiotics. Her wings started drooping again, and she started having trouble getting up. Interestingly, this coincided with a cold snap. Then one morning I found her chilled and shivering - she had gotten stuck in one of the kiddie pools, and couldn't get out. Got her out of the pool, dried, and onto a heating pad & under a heat lamp. Called the vet hospital, and was told to bring her in right away. They got her temperature back up, and ordered another round of antibiotics (as steroids can supress the immune system, and she may have had an infection). It took Cecily a few days to get her strength back, but she still had trouble getting up from a sitting position.

Recently found a homeopathic remedy that matches her symptoms (Rhus Tox. for those who also use homeopathy for their pets). I've started her on a course, and it seems to be helping. She's now starting to fight me when I try to pick her up or give her the remedy, which is an excellent sign. Just to be on the safe side, however, she has an appointment with a homeopathic vet this Wednesday. I'm hoping we can find a way to help her have an enjoyable life. Yes, I love this sweet little goose. I'm looking forward to having her become as healthy and cranky as the rest of the gaggle.


  1. And she has a very special guardian. That would be you, dearheart. *hugs* Thanks for being such an awesome person... Miss Cecily thanks you too, in her own cranky way!

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  3. I'm so sad for her. Sure hope she gets better.


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