Peeper is a Rooster...

...and shall soon be renamed "and Dumplings" if he doesn't quickly move past the @sshole adolescent stage. He tries to mate with the hens by force, but thankfully Lucky the top roo has learned to chase Peeper off - that is, if I'm not already there & doing so. Sometimes Lucky and I will tag-team: I'll do the initial scaring off, while Lucky runs Peeper away a few (dozen) yards.

Peeper also has an unfortunate preference for the Cubalaya hens, who not only have not returned the preference, but will fight him tooth and nail. Small but mighty, Cinnamon & Nutmeg are the pecking order enforcers of the hen flock, and brook nonsense from no one. Including Peeper. Can't fault him for his good taste, however.

[pic left: Peeper getting ready to crow. pic right: Nutmeg, not amused.]


  1. aw. I have a soft spot in my heart for those hormone addled roosters. I rescued one here in Oakland several years ago when it was 2 days old.

    He turned out to not only be a rooster (which meant no keepinghim in city limits) but a buff silkie- so purty!

    I named him Chevette- cuz that's where I found him- under a car at the Pollo Loco. I think he had fallen out of someone's car unnoticed...

    We took him in and raised him into adolescence (til we realized he needed a new home). It was seriously weird at mealtimes- the parrots saw him as their mutated cousin who was none too bright. He could eat in a bin that I would put scratch and mealworms in, while the parrots perched above him with a critical eye and eat their fruit and such.

    We gave him to a 4H kid up in Vacaville when his "peep peep"s changed into "buuuh-gawks!"

  2. funny how roosters have their favourites.....which sometimes they will cover time and time and time again!
    I have found free ranging my hens gives the girls a bit of a rest!!

  3. I'm still waiting for my young roosters to start crowing! I love that sound. However, they are 'maturing' - much to the surprise of the hens who up to now have been making sure they remembered their place in the pecking order! I hope your goose will be OK. I totally understand your love for her :0)


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