Tool Review: Lutz 15-in-One Ratcheting Screwdriver

For once, it was Not My Fault. The knobs had been falling off the kitchen cabinets since we moved in. Bad case of contractors (I assume it was contractors) over-tightening and stripping the knob threads. Tsk-tsk! Too bad, as the knobs looked like they the cost the original owners a pretty penny. They don't call cabinet knobs "kitchen jewelry" for nothing. Ah well!

With my Awesome Employee DiscountTM at the hardware/garden center I bought a boatload of new cabinet knobs, and then broke out Spouse's holiday gift, a Lutz 15-in-One Ratchet (Torque) Screwdriver.

Oh, my. The screwdriver handle holds a variety of flathead, phillips and torx bits on the handle with an easy view - no need to unscrew the handle to see what's available, or fumble through/drop the lot to find which bit you need. The switch to flip the ratchet motion from left to right is on the barrel, easily reached by your thumb while the rest of your hand is holding the handle. As a person who can sometimes be a little clumsy with tools - ahem - this made the whole removing & installing of knobs quick and very, very easy.

So the knob replacement project is almost complete. Need to go back to the store for six more knobs - forgot a cabinet. What can I say? Under-counting: that one is definitely my fault. 

[Pic top: the screwdriver. Pic bottom: the knobs. Knob on right: old & busted. Knob on left: the new hotness.]

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  1. I agree, the Lutz 15-in-One has to be the most awesome hand-powered screwdriver I've ever used. But as far as I can tell, it is impossible to buy replacement driver bits for it ... does anyone know otherwise?

    Mark Widmer, NJ USA


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