The Peahens Have Escaped

Oh word, one of those days...

At 1.5 inches of rain this morning, found the peahen kennel tarp roof completely bowed inside from rain collection. The supports set up the night before massively failed - the rainwater was too heavy. The plan: get a bunch of 12-foot 2x4's and corrugated metal roofing, and put up a properly supported roof.

Two sets of wet, muddy clothes and rain gear later, the roof was up. I also set up some sturdier roofing for the goose enclosure while I was at it, picked up all the extraneous tarps & clamps that the roofing projects replaced, and left to get groceries for the humans and feed for the animals.

Get home, at 2.5 inches of rain later... and it looks like we had a minor squall of some sort on the property. The new roof was completely blown off the peahen kennel, and the peahens long gone. Can't say that I blame them - if the roof blew off my house, I'd split right quick as well.

Wherever they are, I hope they're okay.

[pic courtesy of facepalm.org]


  1. Bummer. Sounds like you all are having some weather, all right.

  2. I am sorry-the joys of farming. I hope you find them soon!


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