Everybody loves the compost bin

The dogs love it, the geese love it, the chickens love it, and I'm challenged to keep them all out of it: our compost bin.

I wouldn't mind so much if they'd choose the "dine in" option, but no, they prefer "carry out". It's bad enough that we've a comforter's worth of white feathers blowing about from all eight geese going through puberty right now. Nope, gotta strew about the corn cobs, used hay, old paper towels and wood shavings all over the place as well. Home sweet home.

Current keep-out strategy? Wrap leftover fencing around AND over the bin. Let's see how long it takes before they find a workaround. I swear sometimes these animals were brought into my life to keep me humble. Nerd skillz don't stand a chance around here.

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