gosling homeopathy

We discovered one of the younger goslings walking around with a heavy limp yesterday. Spouse and I checked her out. No broken bones, just some bruising on her ankle. May have sprained it on the rocky terrain around here. Spouse recommended that we keep the geese in the large pen instead of free-ranging today, in order to let her rest and heal up a bit.

This morning, the limp was worse. Eeek!

I had used the homeopathic remedy arnica montana when practicing Aikido to quickly heal bruises and sprains. I had heard that animals also respond well to homeopathy, and thought, "what the heck". Sprinkled arnica montana tablets into all their drinking/soaking tubs. As of this afternoon, I can't tell which goose had the limp. It is gone.

Homeopathy is one of those healing methods that I still have a hard time believing in its efficacy, but it keeps showing me that it works.

[Photo: the geese discover the front porch. Piles of poo were generously given.]

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