I Have Learned From My Mistakes - Honest

I completed two, count'em, TWO carpentry projects last week. I may have planned both in my noggin, but I put the plan & measurements on paper this time (woohoo!) and used 99.9% leftover scraps and screws we had around the house. I even wore gloves most of the time. No blisters or scrapes!

Project #1: The free-standing goose feeder has metal feed hoppers, which are slotted over screws on the backboard. The roof is hinged so all I have to do is lift it up to pour feed into the top of the hoppers. The hoppers are actually made for small pigs, but the geese EAT like pigs, so it's a fair use I think. There's enough room for four fat... err, full-grown geese to feed at one time. Or six chickens. Or two dogs. They've all tested it successfully - whether approved to do so or not - since it's been set up. Anyhow, the roof also protects the feed from rain and direct sunlight. As the chickens and geese are on organic feed now, preventing spoilage is a priority. Looking forward to those first tasty eggs!

Project #2: This next project wasn't as sexy, but it also turned out well - a ramp out the back of the chicken coop. This leads to the shady area under the cedars, and so is the easiest way for the chickens to get to & from. It's attached underneath the coop's frame with safety hook & eyes, so it can be removed when we decide to move the coop. Since the back area wasn't originally designed for a ramp, rigging something up was Necessity being the Mother@#$! of Invention and all that. Chickens are using it, so I'm gonna count the project as a success. Oh, and the blue enamel pot you see to the right was bought for 50 cents at the local thrift shop. Thought it made for a pretty secondary water container for the chickens. Beauty in all things for the girls, you know.

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