Top 10 Mistakes a Beginner Carpenter Makes (e.g., Me)

1. You look at a problem, and get inspired to Create A Solution.
- Tired of our animal pens with their cobbled-together shade coverings making the yard look like a refugee camp, I decide to make framed shade awnings! Yes!

2. You come up with the plan all in your own lil' noggin.
- "Easy as pie, right? Just get a bunch of 8’ 1“x1”s, cut some in half, attach, stretch and staple a shade cloth over it and voila!"

3. You think it will be simple
- "What could be easier? It’s just a frame!"

4. You don’t talk about the project with a more experienced carpenter.
- "I know what I’m doing, sheese!"

5. You don’t set the plan on paper
- Usually preceded by mistake #2.

6. You buy the supplies on your best estimate
- A direct result from mistake #5. "Eh, just give me a bundle of 12 1x1’s"

7. You decide to get creative with other supplies, using them for unintended purposes
- "Sure, those brackets are for use on inside corners, but I can use them for outside corners, right?"

8. You forget to measure the problem that Needed A Solution
- "I eye-balled it, it looks about right; if not, I can rig something up." Famous last words, that “rig something up”...

9. You make the Solution anyways

10. ...and you forget to wear gloves.

Now you have a lovely Solution that doesn’t fit anywhere and has to be bungee’d to various poles and fences in order to work as intended. While bandaging your hands, console yourself with the thought that at least the refugee camp looks more like a shanty town at this point. Enjoy!

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