I Don't Know Why It Works

See the slight discoloration on the base of my palm, encircled? I had forgotten that I no longer had Kung-Fu skills*, and palm-struck a rootball to loosen it up. The knots of roots on the rootball did not budge. My meaty palm, however, did. A huge bruise was starting to develop, purple-red and oh-so painful. I took some homeopathic arnica montana, and as of this morning, the bruise is faded to the almost nothing you see in the pic.

I don't know why homeopathic remedies work for me. They don't work for everyone. My rational mind still thinks that the whole thing is a bunch of hooey despite years of healing with this modality. I will not argue, however, with positive results.

More posts coming up this week with pics of our tree-planting efforts.

[actually, I never had Kung-Fu skills. Shhh, don't tell my ego.]


  1. Ouch. Seriously. A bruise there has to offend extra much.
    I love that homeopathic works for you and your credulous faith... I am the same with acupuncture... it has saved me many times and yet I am always second guessing myself when I think of going back.
    WV is "abless" and I guess we need to appreciate a bless when we get one!

  2. One time I tried to demonstrate to my medical students that homeopathy didn't work and was total hooey after a spirited debate on its virtues. I snatched up one of the little tubes of sugar pills that one of the students was taking for insomnia and downed the whole thing (hey, diluted to 12x, not a molecule of active ingredient in it, right?)...2 days later, after a good long 48 hour near comatose snooze, I woke up a believer. Don't care anymore why it works, just care that it does.

  3. I've got some swampland in Florida you might be interested in.... homeopathy -- it's all in the head, my dear. But if it works, then who cares? I always make a wish when I see an oncoming car or truck with one headlight -- superstitions have always worked for me. Prove me wrong. :)

  4. Looks like it's time for an experiment...I'd hit it again and go without the homeopathics...see how long it takes. It may take a few trials to get it right though...just push on through!

  5. @warren: *lol*!... and I think I'll let someone else take on that experiment.


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